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I'm a creative Sound Designer & Music Composer. I've been credited on videogames like "Rayman : Origins", "Rayman : Legends".

Music Composer

On demand music for your project.

Sound Design

Give the better audio for your audience

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My quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. I'm happy to assist you with know-how and experience for your project.

Amazing Sounds

I will design the sound identity of your project.

Original Music

Because your project needs a dedicated soundtrack.

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Any Time. I care about your project.

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Cloud or FTP Delivery of audio assets, in a proper and clearly classification.


Each achieved project makes me level up. There is no cap. As a result I deliver a better sound experience for your players and your audience.

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Sound Design


Tune the volume up, and browse my most recent projects below.

Le Voyage de Leo – Pilot

Le Voyage de Leo – Pilot

  • My Role: Music Composer, Sound Designer, Mix

Le Voyage de Leo – French animated anime pilot

My role : Composer, Sound Designer, Mix

Director : Aurelien Baarsh


Leonis et les Brooniz – Pilot Trailer

Leonis et les Brooniz – Pilot Trailer

  • Camera: Leica Camera AG M8

Leonis & les Brooniz – French animated anime pilot

My role : Composer, Sound Designer, Mix

Director : François Carrobourg



  • My Role: Music Composer
  • :

Horama is a point & click adventure game, proposing a visit of the french city Nice and its monuments in 1861, on smartphones and tablets (Android).

This project has been made for the society Webelse (

Link : – Page Facebook:

Cardys – Flash Game

Cardys – Flash Game

  • My Role: Composer & Sound Designer
  • :

Cardys is a « 2D Flash fantasy strategy turn-based » game.
I’ve been contacted by the author of the game for making the sound effects and the music for the project.
Link :

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends

  • My Role: Sound Designer, Voice Artist, Reverb Designer
  • :

Rayman : Legends is the critics’ acclaimed platformer from Michel Ancel, ©Ubisoft Montpellier

Rayman : Origins

Rayman : Origins

  • My Role: Sound Designer, Voice Artist

Rayman : Origins is the critics’ acclaimed platformer from Michel Ancel, ©Ubisoft Montpellier

Michael Jackson The Experience

Michael Jackson The Experience

  • My Role: Sound Designer, Audio Quality Assistant

Michael Jackson : The Experience (PS3) was an incredible project.
I’ve made some background ambiances, sound FX for this ©Ubisoft Montpellier’s game.



  • My Role: Sound Designer, Music Composer

WAKFU is a  Tactical MMORPG game made by ©Ankama.
I’ve made some sounds FX for the game, and one music for the tutorial zone

More about me

Laurent «Lzn02» Lozano - Freelance Sound Designer & Music Composer

3114625Obsessed with music generated by computer from my adolescence, I have kept self-teaching myself the best way to use my computer for making music.
After being graduated of french equivalent 1st degree in Literature, I went into a private school for a Sound Designer formation, at ACFA Multimedia. I’m actually still present around the school, like being a member of the Jury that is evaluating students in the end of formation.

I have worked at Ankama & Ubisoft, two french studio where the inspiration goes like crazy.

I’m a passionate « audio-geek », easy to talk-with, and reliable.

Music has always kept a large place in my life. Spending a lot of time in my home studio, composing music.

Credited as composer for one track for the game Wakfu, I’m going also further in my passion.
You can find my early albums on Jamendo.
For the fun, I’m making since 2006 video games covers. It’s, what I call “Fantrack”, the contraction of “Fan Art” and Soundtrack. I’m working with Joypad Record for licensing my covers.

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